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Times Square Kiss Day in memory of WWII

First stop, Times Square.  The place of so many happenings in NYC but today we are there to check out our spot on one of the screens for our short film.  Landed, ate some cheese and wine, slept, woke up early, figured out subway and ended up in Times Square.  Heaving on all accounts.  Mid August, summer sun, broadway queues and us in the middle of it getting our polaroid taken by a giant forever 21 model on a 50ft screen!

Today is Kiss Day in memory of all those brave men that fought in the war.  A giant statue of the kissing sailor and his gal surrounded by modern day kissing couples ranging from 12 to 60 yrs of age. What a great atmosphere!

The first day we walked for miles, stopping at cafes, sitting watching the saturday baseball games in central park and even getting lost in the avenues and streets even though you’d have thought it would be impossible.  Legs were being worked to the extreme on this trip!


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15 hours of travel ahead of us as we sit waiting at Dubai International airport. East village, New York City, is our next port of call. After a very close call of being scammed online by a “Dawn Morris” (be warned!) we found a website that is as good as couch surfing but costs you. Staying with Bruce who has been exceedingly generous and helpful so far seeing as we had less than 24 hrs to find a place within our budget.

Anyway, the bright lights of Times square await us on the 16th August when our film, L’amour de Montparnasse, will be screened in the Amangdon Theatre on Broadway as well as on the billboard in and around Times square. We have our camera, our dvds, and our flyers. We would like to invite everyone to our screening, more the merrier as the saying goes!

Will return after our flight for an update of first impressions of New York and whether we have been robbed in the first 24 hours!

H&T 🙂

Sorry to have not been quicker at continuing the events of the rest of the shoot but we have had a couple of happenings.  I am now working for a Production and repping company in Dubai, we shall see how it goes, and Toby is working on a TV show so been busy with getting things together.  As well as, of course, concentrating on our own work but at the momenth that involves making DVDs, covers and sending them off to various parts of the world.  You might think that it wouldn’t take up too much time but Dubai has a non existent postal system so we’ve had to track down friends and friends of friends that are going back to their various home countries and giving them our DVDs!  Everyone has been very helpful and so far every single DVD sent out has arrived within a week…a very effective and cheap solution!  Thanks everyone!

So back to the night shoot of L’amour de Montparnasse.  To be honest after the first major opening sequence the rest of the night went pretty smoothly.  Only a few bumps, literally, in the dolly track!  We had a long dolly run of about 20metres down the platform and for some reason the dolly grip just couldn’t get the dolly to run smoothly down the tracks.  We finally figured out that it was because the dolly was unevenly weighted by two guys so had to re-shuffle their bums a bit to equalize the distribution of the weight.  Even then though when we were going through the footage there was the slightest couple of bumps but thankfully it didn’t matter.  As the night/morning crept closer the layers started piling up, JJ our special effects guy actually bought a fur coat!  Thea and Dylan were fantastic as they didn’t take the breaks we offered them as they knew we had to get through the scenes.  The crew were dwindling as some had to disappear to bed as they had to be up in the morning for school or work and we all just get going.  We managed to get all the necessary shots and when Chantelle, the locations manager, came and said that we had 30 minutes to pack up and leave before Flash Forward came by everyone just helped out tremendously.  She ended up being amazed at how a “student” shoot was more professional and tidy and careful than the big boys which we were very proud about!

4:30am finish.  The truck had to be rented for two days as the equiptment couldn’t be dropped off until 10am so we had atleast 4hours sleep!  The next day it took us about 5 hours to go round dropping off all the different equiptment that we had rented from the different rental houses.  Eventually we dropped off the truck around 4pm, drove home and hit the hay absolutely knackered!  Slept through, like everyone else that stayed for the whole shoot until the next day, until 11am and then round to the DPs as he wanted to do the editing as well.  After going through and sorting out the footage we decided to leave him to it for a couple of days and give ourselves a bit of space and time to clear our heads.

Join our facebook page to meet the crew, actors and fans.  You will also be kept updated on what’s happening with the film.!/pages/Lamour-de-Montparnasse-Written-Directed-by-Toby-Lomas/279362927645

So the post-production begins…

PS – not sure if I’ve mentioned but L’amour de Montparnasse recently got accepted into competition at the New York City International Film Festival that is taking place in Times Square between 12th – 19th August.  We are really trying to save up to attend the screening because to date we haven’t actually managed to afford to go to any of the film festivals that our films have been shown at.

Our film is screening on the 16th August

Plus we have never been to New York and would love to go.  So if any of you are goingn to be there do let us know and we can watch some movies together!

Thanks for reading

Welcome to our blog for our films and our life in film, but at the moment specifically for our latest film L’amour de Montparnasse.  It’s our second major short film that we worked on together.  Toby as writer/director and myself as producer.  Our first film Alone about the Universe is 18 minutes and a sci-fi drama.  It was our first film that we sent off to festivals and at the time we were very new to the whole circuit so had no plan or strategy.  We picked up two international awards for best short and excellence in filmmaking which was so surprising, we really didn’t think we’d go anywhere!

Anyway, our second short has been submitted into about 15 film festivals internationally so far that are happening over the next year, some of the announcement dates are even as far away as next April!  Lots of waiting ahead of us!  However, this time we are a bit better prepared.  We have a website with set photos, biographies of us and the actors, posters, and a trailer!  It is a very low-budget short film of 9 minutes however everybody believes it to have cost a lot more than it did because we have an amazing friend who is also our Director of Photography, Roberto Ricci.

So how did this movie come about…we were running in Griffith Park one morning and had parked our car near the stables.  On our return we noticed that there were a group of people going into what looked like a fenced in park so we decided to go and take a look.  Having been in LA for two years and visiting Griffith Park fairly often it was amazing that we’d never been to Travel Town, a train museum!  They had several huge old steamers on rails with different types of carriages attached and even platforms and a station like cover to protect the trains.  Toby as usual came up with an idea there and then for a short film.  Over the next couple of days we developed the idea which became a 6 page script.  The idea was to shoot a scene that had a lot of back story and was as if it had been taken from a feature length film.  We contacted travel town, film LA and all our friends and had a meeting.  Two casting sessions, 4 rehersals and 10 days later we were at the Travel Town museum at 4:30pm with 20 cast&crew members, a 24′ grip truck and a car full of coffee and food we waited for Travel Town to close to the public and open to the night shoot that we were going to do.

The making of the movie in our next blog entry…..


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Toby & Hettie are now going to start a blog about films, life and work….which generally means movies!  We will both be writing on here and learning the tricks and secrets of the bloggers society, we need your help!

Here we come….